Library Management System Software

Library Management Software of Academy Desk is a cloud based software which manage library functions from inward of material , books and periodicals in the library to its cataloguing and maintenance. The library management system track the RFID based In-Out attendance of the student, staff in the library considering the requirements of NAAC audit. It is powerful software can manage library data very effectively and make easiness in the task.

Library management solution is flexible and interactive, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire School/college community in real time and it would be utterly simple for everyone to use

  • Master Configuration for the complete Library
  • Comprehensive Input Form for Library Books Entry
  • Re-Issue Same Book Again
  • Fine configuration and management
  • Manage issues and Returns of books,CD and other media
  • Inventory/Stock of Books Verification Report
  • Provision of Bar Code and RFID Ready
  • SMS and email alerts to Students
  • Generate various reports for records and analysis.
  • Managing RFID Tags for books
  • Barcoding In-Out book transactions
  • Student RFID based attendance
  • OPAC-Online Public Access Catalogue

RFID Library Management System detects books which are imprinted with RFID barcode. This technology ensures detection of books’ location. A barcode detector reads the code installed on the book. Once read, the location, accessioning number gets fed on the RFID software. Thereby if a student borrows a book from the Library it make cataloguing work easy for librarians.

RFID Library Tracking System helps to record the student and employee of school and colleges movement inside the library. All stakeholder who uses a library facilities will be given a RFID card to have entry and exit inside the library. This Library attendance system generates dynamic reports of Students daily, monthly and yearly attendance. The same RFID card can use as Library card too.